The Lucky Stone

Tony Corcoran
St. Audeon's

Tony Dolan tells us of the mysterious Lucky Stone housed in St. Audeon's church and the mysterious events that occurred every time someone tried to take it outside of Dublin.

Copper Faced Jack - Frank Hopkins Handel's Messiah - Proinnsias O'Duinn
The Lucky Stone Location

More about St. Audeon's

St. Audoen's is the oldest medieval parish church in Dublin still in use today. It was erected in 1190 and is named after St. Ouen (or Audoen) of Rouen (Normandy). St. Audoen's parish was once the most wealthy within the city and the church was for hundreds of years frequented on state occasions by the Lord Mayor and Corporation, but in 1467 St. Audoen's was made a prebendary of St. Patrick's Cathedral.